Our Story

 It started with a dinner party...

"As a shoe designer I always wanted to return to my roots and relaunch the brand my father, Cuban born Gonzalo Pedroso, created 30 years ago. Founded in 1980, he brought bold and vibrant footwear to women across America. For me, the thrill lies not only in the creative process but also in the rush of infinite ideas and possibilities." - Lalin 

"Growing up I was so excited to tell people that my cousin Gonzalito made the shoes I was constantly wearing! My collection was unusually large because I worked as his shoe model at the NYC trade shows and he paid me in shoes - a collection I still treasure!  To be able to partner with my cousin, use my public relations background, and bring back this beloved brand is truly a labor of love." - Anina                                                

So...at a family dinner party, over Cuban lechón and mojitos, House of Z A L O  was born, or should we say, "re-born."

Combing endlessly through vintage Z A L O archives, we've sourced the finest fabrics and materials to rebuild the brand with unique new designs that combine whimsical details and chic styling for today's woman. 

Exactly one year from that party, Z A L O debuted in 2020 with its VELVET collection. Starting with Z A L O's greatest success, the classic smoking slipper and mule, we have created intricately beautiful embroidered motifs inspired by our heritage and the women that surround us -  because shoes speak louder than words!

-Lalin and Anina

Our Shoes

We believe in quality over quantity and therefore do small, limited runs of each style. With a mixture of new designs and some vintage favorites, our slippers and mules are handcrafted in Spain by skilled artisans with rich velvets, denims, natural raffias, and colorful linens and all have leather soles and linings. 

    Classic but never boring.

Our Support

Keeping it in the family, Anina's daughter, Cate, works as the House of Z A L O social media manager, in between studying for her work with families and babies as a Behavioral Therapist.